"Buffalo Snap Shot" is Linda's story how she remembers the day of the crash landing.

Photo and Newspaper Articles Provided By: Linda O'Connor Payne.

I always love watching the Blue Angels perform, and just came across this bit of history that literally occurred in my neighborhood in 1958.

The pilot had engine problems and his aircraft ended up in the middle of the intersection two houses down from us. This pilot's skill was amazing. Not only did he miss cars on the road, he also missed the gas pumps at the Mobil station on our corner by about 50 feet (as I recall).

If you can please let Capt. Dewenter know that we all thought of him as a hero that day. If not for his excellent skill in avoiding those gas pumps, a portion of the neighborhood could have gone up in flames (including the 3 O'Connor kids ages 8, 4 and 3) who were outside playing at the time.

I was 8 years old at the time, and we ran into the house to tell my parents that there was "an airplane at the gas station." Of course, they thought we were making it up! My parents still have the newspaper clippings.

It's funny how we remember certain events as if they had happened yesterday!

Linda O'Connor Payne

San Diego, CA

P.S. I also remember being a little "miffed" because we were supposed to go to my uncle's farm and couldn't get out of our driveway for hours!