November 1967

 2,050 MILES IN 4 1/2 HOURS
Record Non-Stop Flight Claimed

Published in the November 1967 issue of Naval Aviation News
Photographer & Author Unknown

When the Blue Angels left NAS Whidbey Island recently, they teamed up with Heavy Attack Squadron (VAH) Four to make the non-stop, 2,050-mile trip to NAS Pensacola in 4 1/2 hours. VAH-4 provided five KA-3B tankers for aerial refueling of the Blues' six F-11's and one F-9 over Idaho and Colorado.

This makes the fifth time this year that the Blue Angels have used the services of VAH-4. To show their appreciation, LCdr. Bill Wheat, O in C of the Blues, presented a plaque inscribed "With sincere appreciation for your most generous hospitality" to Commander M. W. (Red) Rumble, C.O. of the heavy attack squadron.

This photo was not in the original article. Because the Navy no longer uses this aircraft and many people don't know what a Skywarrior KA-3B tankers looks like we decide to put it in.

A-3B of VAH-4 attached to CVW-5 and the USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) passing over the Mekong river. Photo courtesy of Kenneth 'Butch' Castle and found on the A3 Skywarrior Association web-site.

Squadron Patch from VAH-4

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