November 1963


Published in the November 1963 issue of Naval Aviation News
Photographer & Author Unknown

Several hundred thousand people helped Naval Air Station, South Weymouth, Massachusetts celebrate its 10th anniversary on the weekend of Sept. 14-15. The visitors, mostly from the New England area, saw a spectacular exhibition of modern aviation which featured static displays in the huge hanger, aerobatics flights by civilian pilots and impressive demonstrations by the Navy's 'Chuting Stars' and 'Blue Angels'. One of the country's biggest annual air shows, South Weymouth's Open House entertained viewers and gave them a good look at Naval Aviation.

Opening day ceremonies featured a parade of the colors, high school and Navy bands.

The Starflights, Navy's rebound tumbling team, performed each day at the air show.

Navy's Chuting Star makes perfect descent to land in front of throng at South Weymouth.

The Navy's Chuting Stars line up in front of their Skytrain. A few days later at the Oklahoma State Fair, they made their 5000th jump.

Bill Fornof, also a civilian pilot, thrilled the Weymouth crowd with aerial maneuvers in an ex-Navy fighter, the F8F Bearcat.

Dick Schram, Naval Reserve Captain, Climaxes his aerobatic display by landing a Piper J-3 in an abbreviated distance with a parachute.

The incredible Bevo Howard, a civilian pilot, flies his inverted Jungmeister to pick off the lower of two ribblns held by poles.

The Blue Angels streak by at low altitude in a perfect six-plane formation. Feature performers wherever they appear, the Blue Angels climaxed each day's flight demonstration program at Naval Air Station, South Weymouth, with their awe-inspiring aerial tactics