Alf Batchelder.
July 29 & 30
Elmendorf AFB, Alaska



Basically, the story of how I came to go to Elmendorf goes back to 1960, when I saw a Capitol LP recording entitled "Blue Angels" with the Grumman Tigers on the cover. Already an aviation enthusiast, I became fascinated by the group, and grabbed every piece of information about them over the years. As I read about them or watched videos, I had the hope of seeing them perform, but never thought it would ever happen. Since 1983, I have had friends in Anchorage, Alaska, and have made a few visits there. When they asked me to go over this year, I noticed at almost the same time in an English magazine that the Blues were to appear at the Elmendorf "Arctic Thunder" Open Days. I dearly wanted to see my friends again and this little piece of news decided the timing of my visit - the opportunity was too good to miss. To break the long flight over the Pacific, I took time out in Honolulu to fulfil another long ambition, a visit aboard USS Missouri. Now I'm back at home in Brighton, in the state of Victoria, with some priceless memories. The long flights and all the stresses of going through chaotic airports were all worthwhile. (And I still can't stop singing THAT song!) With warmest regards, Alf Batchelder.

Alf traveled from his home in Australia to Alaska to see the Blue Angels. Not only did he see them, but he took some spectacular photos of the Blues and the beautiful scenery where the air show was flown.

The Blue Angels Alumni wants to thank
Alf Batchelder
for the use of this photograph.