Photos by

Steven E. Serdikoff

at Various Airshows

Blue Angel No. 5 pulling up into his dirty roll on takeoff at the Scranton Wilkes-Barre International Airport Armed Forces Airshow 1999.

Inbound Cross: shot of Blue Angel No. 5 inbound for the six plane cross at
Dover AFB, 1999.

Diamond rolling: diamond on the takeoff roll at Burke-Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, 1999.

Diamond Takeoff: The diamond gets airborne at Dover AFB, 1999.

Angry Hornet: Blue Angel No. 6 breaks off the flightline after completing his reverse Cuban-eight after take-off at Cleveland's

Burke-Lakefront Airport - Labor Day, 1999

This last shot "Snort and the Cat" is not directly related to the Blue Angels. It is Dale "Snort" Snodgrass in an SNJ and Lt. Dey and Lt. Bergstrom of VF-101 Grim Reapers flying in formation at NAS Willow Grove. This shot was taken 18 June 2000, the day before Lt. Dey and Lt. Bergstrom were killed in a crash which I had the misfortune of witnessing. I hope this photo offers my personal remembrances of these fallen aviators. -- Steven E. Serdikoff

ã copyrighted photographs used by
permission from
Steven E. Serdikoff

 Many thanks to Steven E. Serdikoff for sending his photographs and giving us permission to put them on the Website so all Blue Angels fans can enjoy them.

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