Photos by
Dan Folwick
San Francisco, California
Fleet Week 1998 & 1999

Fleet Week 1999

(Above) #5 Doug Verisimo on the "sneak pass". Not too much vapor . . . but notice the bubbling water just behind the Hornet! He was low and "cookin'". (Below) The same pass after crossing show center. He was so fast, it took me this long to cock the camera and shoot again.

Fleet Week 1998

The same pass only from 1998, with Scott Beare flying the #5. This was at show center and a "lucky" shot.

Fleet Week 1999. Friday's practice hop from the Oakland Airport. This photo makes me proud to say that I have seen them . . . talked with them . . . . know them. Two weeks later, the #3 jet went down in Georgia.

Thanks to

Dan Folwick

For letting us display his Blue Angel Photos of Fleet Week .

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