Murray State College
Tishomingo, OK.

Grumman F-11A Tiger
BuNo 141859

Photos are from Terry Gaston Public Information Coordinator Murray State College

LCDR Smokey Tolbert flew this F-11F Tiger into Ardmore Municipal Airport in 1969. The aircraft was then transported by truck/trailer to the Murray State College campus where she now stands on static display adjacent to the National Guard Armory.

While the BuNo is unknown, this aircraft is being displayed to represent the #6 aircraft (BuNo 141824), which was the Tiger flown by LCDR Smokey Tolbert in 1968.

In addition to the display aircraft, Murray State College has erected the Smokey Tolbert Memorial Garden dedicated to Smokey who, in 1972, was reported missing in action while serving his third tour of duty in Vietnam.

Terry Gaston

Public Information Coordinator Murray State College

To read more about LCDR Smokey Tolbert's Navy career, including his time with the Blue Angels and loss of life in Vietnam, please go to our History section.

 Note: We would like to thank Smokey Ellefson (Blue Angel '67-69) for telling use about the F11. And Tom Bispo (Blue Angel '64-'65) for all the work of getting all the photos.

 Murray State College
Tishomingo, OK.