A4 SKYHAWK BuNo. 145072
Photos courtesy Air Victory Museum

Charles Carpenter and John Bunting (John has the multi-colored shirt)

Guy wearing green coveralls and mask is TSgt Scott Brown, USAF (Ret.)
Guy wearing light blue shirt is Thomas Myers

TSgt Scott Brown, USAF (Ret.) on top of the aircraft.

Julius Waters and Arthur Goldschmitt

As you can tell it takes a lot of work and love of aviation to restore these aircraft to look this good. We are happy there are people who gladly dedicate themselves to restoring these great pieces of history.

Al Nugent painting the aircraft

Joe Wisnewski is the person in the lift above the tail.
The model of the A-4 was made by Joe Cholewa

Photos courtesy Air Victory Museum

Joe Cholewa built the model A-4 in the foreground intended to show what the Skyhawk looked like before its restoration. Margaret Myers of the Air Victory Museum, who graciously sent us all the photographs on this page.

Medford, NJ
BuNo. 145072